New Year cold weather? No Problem!

As the cold weather starts to arrive, every OH can be prepared with our range of scarves and hats for whatever winter brings!

Winter wear from the Haileybury Society online shop Winter wear from the Haileybury Society online shop
Come the New Year, come the cold! No sooner is Christmas out of the way that January unveils itself on the world with its cold, still air a portent of colder days yet to come. But have no fear! At the Haileybury Society, we have planned for all eventualities and this year, as ever, some of our best-selling Haileyburiana comes to the fore...

Little wonder that this is the time of year when sales of our hats and scarves reach record levels. Take our unisex bobble hat (pictured) finished in Haileybury magenta and white and decorated with the Hearts and Wings motif. Made from 100% wool with an inner polyester layer it will keep the coldest head as warm as toast all winter through!

Not forgetting our two beautiful Haileybury scarves. Our lambswool scarf (pictured), is made in Scotland of 100% lambswool and is beautifully soft on the skin as well as being astonishingly warm and practical for day-to-day wear. Our traditional college scarf featuring the magenta, white and black colours of Haileybury, is a wonderful statement of belonging and, finished in 100% wool, is again both soft to the touch and amazingly warm.

New Year? No problem! Treat yourself to one of our superbly made winter wear items and take the winter blues away! Click here for details