OHs attend AGM at Oxford and Cambridge Club

The Haileybury Society's AGM took place at the Oxford and Cambridge Club in Pall Mall. The Society's fabulous future, recent events and a new President-elect were top of the agenda.

A convivial gathering - members discuss the day and share Haileybury memories over lunch. A convivial gathering - members discuss the day and share Haileybury memories over lunch.
The 61st Annual General Meeting of the Haileybury Society took place once more in the wonderful environment of the Oxford and Cambridge Club in London's Pall Mall on Saturday 1st December 2018.

The meeting took place at the end of a year of transition, which saw the Society moved to its new offices, launch its new online community, and, most sadly, suffer the loss of Liz Drew, our long-serving and well-loved Office Manager. Yet, following two minutes silent reflection in memory of all Members and friends who have passed away this year, the mood was positive and full of optimism for the future.

The meeting began with a heartwarming and wide-ranging speech by President Doug Everard (BF 73) who, in a balanced and statesmanlike manner, updated Members on the year’s progress and activities, including measures being taken to re-establish strong and positive relationship with our beloved alma mater. He outlined a calm and structured approach to resolving our difficulties. As Doug repeatedly stated, the problems which arose were not as a direct result of difficulties between Haileybury itself and the Society and while clearly much work remains to be done, most wish for a resumption of a positive and mutually supportive working relationship.

The President went on to nominate the President-elect for 2018/19, Richard Thompson (K 77). This was seconded by Deane Pennick (B 77) and agreed by all present with warm applause. This appointment, followed by the presentation and approval of the Society's accounts by our auditor, John Duncan of Gilbert Allen, left everyone present feeling the Society not only had a strong foundation for success but a sound basis for future growth. A report from the Master, Martin Collier, who unfortunately could not be with us for the day, was also read out to Members, appraising them of salient events at Haileybury over the last twelve months.

Finally, the President and Chris Darnell (M 65), Chairman of Trustees answered questions from the floor, the key thrust of which was an overall sense of the need for Haileybury and the Society once more to work together for the benefit of Haileyburians. The Trustees body was warmly congratulated by the members present for the approach it has taken, with a particularly delightful exchange occurring between past Presidents Michael Freegard (BF 47) and James Thomson (C 53) in which the oratory of the former in proposing full backing of the Trustees was warmly congratulated by the latter, and adopted by all present.

Following the conclusion of the day’s business and in a buoyant mood of renewed confidence in the future, Members adjourned to the conviviality of the Blomfield Room for a glass or two of wine and a hot buffet lunch, and where stories and happy memories about Haileybury days were shared.
Please see the Society's Annual Report here. Copies of the full accounts for the year ending 31st May 2018 are available on request from the Society Office, members@hailsoc.org or by telephone 01992 300331

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